Educational Background of Jorge Salazar

His educational formation began in Chile, with significant portions of it taking place in El Salvador and, most importantly, in the United States. Kindergarten through third grade occurred in Santiago, at the Saint Simon and Saint Gabriel schools.

In 1953, when the family moved to New York City, schooling continued at P.S. 3, in Manhattan, for fifth and sixth grades, and when we moved to Forest Hills in Long Island, at Stephen F. Halsey JHS, where he was proudly selected to enroll in a seventh grade special progress class, 7SP1.

In 1956, upon returning to Chile, enrollment was obtained at The Grange School, a British preparatory-style academy, where he coursed first through third forms, which at the time corresponded approximately to seventh through 9th grades of junior high school. The middle school concept had not yet been born.

The coming of 1959 meant another family move, this time to San Salvador, El Salvador, and matriculation in the American High School there, recently being created in La Ceiba neighborhood. The two years there allowed him to complete 10th and part of 11th grades.

Another move back to Chile, and The Grange, in 1960, for the second half year in 5th form, before the final move back to the states, and the completion of the second half of 11th grade, but with senior rank.

Thus it was that in 1961 I was accepted to enter Haverford College, in Pennsylvania, for the freshman year fall semester. Four years later, received a Bachelor of Arts in Religion, with a minor in Philosophy.

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