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Years ago, I hosted an early music program on a local noncommercial radio station, KAZU-FM, Pacific Grove, CA. Due to administrative changes in the station, the show was eventually dropped.

But now, with the advent of internet radio, I am pleased to announce that the program was re-inaugurated on January, 2006, and -- save for a brief interruption in 2016 -- can still be heard under the auspices of Live365.com, and can be heard at "A Treasury of Early Music". The music ranges from the early Medieval period through the early Baroque, roughly the period between 400 to 1650 C.E., and is available on a 24-hour basis through this service. The program itself offers close to seven hours of uninterrupted music, the content of which is periodically modified to add variety.

  Some important links:

Todd McComb's invaluable Medieval Music & Arts Foundation, including an impressive discography among other features.

Early Music America - North America's best known organization devoted to expanding awareness of this field of music.

The San Francisco Early Music Society (SFEMS) - Working to "increase public awareness" of music before 1750.

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